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  • Easy Warm Plan

    The easy warm plan is a brand new boiler package that aims to keep your house warm for a low price. It is unique in the way that it has only selected the best heating engineers in the country to partake in the scheme.

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  • The Eco Affordable Warmth Scheme

    The Eco Affordable Warmth Scheme is a new plan made by the government to identify if you're eligible for a FREE boiler. If you're a homeowner, landlord, private tenant or receiving certain state benefits then you could apply for your boiler today.

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  • Maintenance monthly plan

    1stcallgas Services' maintenance monthly plans have been carefully put together to help benefit a range of different commercial and domestic properties. Our plans can cover a basic boiler service or can include the maintenance of all the plumbing and drainage in your area.

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Power Flushing

What is Power Flushing:

A power flush is a routine chemical maintenance service that cleans out any built up sludge from within your central heating system or radiator.

If you don’t power flush your central heating system, it could result in your radiator having cold spots and your boiler becoming less effective. It is also an efficient procedure that thoroughly cleans without the hassle and cost of removing every single radiator in your home.

If you’re unsure if your radiator needs to be power flushed, we have listed a couple of signs below:

  • There is warm water in the header tank.
  • The water within your radiators is discoloured.
  • You feel like you’re constantly bleeding your radiators.
  • It takes forever for your central heating to warm up.
  • Your radiators are partially or entirely cold.

If you start to notice these warning signs, you should give 1stcallgas Services a call to arrange your power flush: